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Boston Drone Works provides aerial photography and videography utilizing the latest in drone technology. We operate as a traditional flight department with a strong focus on standard operating safety procedures. We have been granted FAA approval to operate commercial flights and our approved drones are flown by certified pilots in compliance with FAA regulations and guidelines.

Aerial Photography

Boston Drone Works implements cutting-edge aerial technology equipment to meet the diverse imaging needs of our clients. In the ever-changing technological world we live in today, the need for innovative unique aerial perspectives has become a paramount necessity for marketing, advertising, live events, business, construction, and development.

Rockport Harbor

Aerial Videography

We offer unique, mobile and versatile solutions and services for all of your aerial imaging and recording needs. We provide a fresh perspective and an affordable aerial experience, captured through the highest-quality UAS videography and editing software available today.

Aerial Assessment

Our aircraft are capable of capturing high-resolution aerial imagery for visual assessment and can significantly improve safety by reducing the amount of high elevation working conditions of technicians. The combination of high-resolution imagery and video delivers comprehensive, reliable, and actionable data for the customer.



Fine Art Store

Boston Drone Works sells fine art prints through our online store. Images are available for print on a variety of mediums. From Wall Art  (canvas, metal, acrylic,wood), Paper Prints (photo paper or gclee),  Keepsakes (phone cases, photo gifts),  and Digital Downloads (advertising, brochures, website).

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